Another Birthday

It is that time of year.  Dad’s birthday was on September 5th.  He was 84 years old.  Very grateful for another year!  I arranged for my son, his wife and my grandson to meet me at mom and dad’s on Saturday so that we could celebrate his birthday.  We cooked lunch and took it with us.  It is actually easier to move my grandson back and forth, in and out of his carseat than it is is to get mom and dad in and out of the car and into a restaurant.  And after we get in the restaurant, then we have another 15 minutes while we try to decide what everyone wants to order.  So in order to have a nice, stressfree birthday, we decided to eat at the house.

We spent a nice morning visiting in the living room and watching Aiden play with cars and trucks on the floor.  Very relaxing and enjoyable.  After lunch dad and I got his truck out and Hunter, Brittany and Aiden crawled in the back.  We were going to take a slow drive down into the field and around the pond, as it is one of the things that dad enjoys the most.  As we started down the lane between our farm and the farm next door, the cows from next door were lined up under the trees for shade.  Aiden thought that was so great to get that close and “talk” to the cows. At three years old, everything to do with animals is fun.  Dad thoroughly enjoyed watching Aiden enjoy himself.  The entire day was a great success!

Yesterday, I paid another visit to mom and dad’s house.  While we were visiting, dad told me that he couldn’t remember who brought the little boy, but someone had come out recently and brought the cutest little boy.  Dad told me that he put him in the back of the truck and took him to see the cows.  Dad was smiling and laughing and telling me how much he enjoyed seeing the little boy have fun.  He doesn’t remember who Aiden is and he doesn’t remember that I was with him and drove the truck, but he has a great memory that he enjoys telling people about.  That’s what is important!  We will continue to take the time to help him make new memories that he might not completely remember, but he remembers how they make him feel and that is important also.11947663_10152953879855793_3352891076913379864_n


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