Fast Forward Two Years

It has been over two years since I have used this site and posted anything.  After the last post, things digressed rapidly.  Dad grew more combative and harder to manage.  Mom’s health declined because of the stress.  In October of 2015, mom fell and fractured her pelvis.  That required us to increase help in their home to 24 hours a day.  The change in routine escalated dad’s issues and the house became a dangerous place for both of them.  During November and December, we spent over $10,000 a month in home health care. Mom and dad’s resources are limited and we knew that we could not continue as we were going.  Mike, Kathy and myself made the decision that it was time to move them both out of the house and into an assisted living home.

After visiting several homes in the Fayetteville area and getting references from friends, we chose the Carillon in Fayetteville.  The major deciding factor, besides the fact that it came personally recommended from a dear, personal friend, is that it could safely house dad in a memory care unit and mom could stay on the assisted living side. January 11th, 2016 was the hardest day of my life when we picked up dad and took him from his home of 84 years and brought him to Fayetteville.  I still am not prepared to relive that day.

Now, two years later, we have had our ups and downs, but we know, as sad as it is, we made the right decision at the right time.  Dad has a wonderful doctor here that adjusted his medication and I truly feel that he is as happy and content as he can be in the circumstances.  Mom has her independence on the assisted living side and can visit with dad as often as they both want during the day.  Most days, she walks down to his side a couple of times a day and brings dad out to sit in the “living room” as dad calls it or they go to mom’s room to watch tv.  We know that mom and dad are getting three balanced meals every day and their medications are regulated.  Mom misses her lifelong friends, but she converses with them on the phone.

So, I am sorry that the last two years have been busy and difficult and I didn’t always feel like sharing, but I intend to move forward and continue posting and share some of what we have learned in this heartbreaking journey of Alzheimer’s in the hopes that I can help someone that is going through the same challenges.


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