Two and a half years ago, at Christmas, my world changed. I knew that my dad was becoming more forgetful, it’s just natural, he’s in his 80’s. Mom and dad had come to my house to spend Christmas. We were watching television when dad got up and went out the back door. I heard his car start, but I wasn’t worried because I was parked behind him and he couldn’t go anywhere and the car quickly shut off. And then it came on again and then shut off. I went to the back door and dad was walking around the car. He would get in the driver’s side, start the car, turn it off and then get out, walk around the car and open the gas cap. The second time I saw him do that, I walked out the back door and asked him what he was doing. He told me that the gas needle on the car was broken and he needed to check the amount of gas so they would not run out on the way home. I told him that it was late and that I would help him get it fixed the next day. Of course, the next day neither one of us mentioned it. I was heartbroken to see this blatant display of what I would later learn was dementia. As this nasty disease progresses more rapidly, I want to record my memories and many of his memories so that they will not be lost forever.


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